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Dedicated and Trained Slab Leak Repair Plumbers

Just when you presumed a leaky faucet was a headache to deal with, a leaky concrete slab happens and leaves you worried. A leaky pipe underneath a slab foundation invites water to seep into a home’s structure. When that happens, wasted water is only a few of the many problems that follow. To avoid foundation issues and warped flooring, get a slab leak repair service from our plumbers at American River Plumbing.

Your Slab Leak Repair Options

Slab leaks frequently happen and range from different circumstances. Corroded copper pipes on older homes may be more susceptible to slab leaks and California homes too, as they face earthquakes from time to time, putting extreme pressure on pipes. We offer several slab leak repair services such as:

  • Spot repairs
  • Repiping
  • Re-routing
  • Pipe lining

A slab leak is typically challenging to spot. That’s why it’s important for our Gold River plumbers at American River Plumbing to perform your inspection and slab leak repairs. Pay attention to the red flags your California home may be experiencing. These include low water pressure or wet spots on the floor. If you have further concerns, then contact our slab leak repair technicians.

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