About Us

After decades of experience, George Williams founded American River Plumbing in 1995. George started the company with the intention of providing a reliable and high-quality service at a level that is wholly uncommon in the home services industry. George sought to build his company on the foundational principles of fairness, honesty, and integrity.

Having been established for over 20 years now, American River Plumbing is still a family-owned and operated business. Customers are viewed as an extension of this family and the level of service they receive reflects that sentiment. Unlike what is common in the industry, American River Plumbing does not pay commission bonuses to any employees and there is no sales staff. This business model eliminates the incentives other companies have to inflate prices and pressure their customers to buy services they don’t need. As a customer of American River Plumbing, you’ll never need to worry about experiencing uncomfortable sales pressure.

Today, George has accumulated over 40 years of experience and he is also proud to say that his company has upheld those principles upon which he founded it. Hundreds of satisfied customers in and around Sacramento are a testament to this accomplishment. His company has something that very few companies will ever have: a solid reputation along with trust and respect from customers.

George’s son, John, is learning how to become a highly skilled technician in his own right, with hands-on training and experience while tapping into the vast amount of knowledge his father has accumulated over previous decades.

Together, both George and John constitute the core of American River Plumbing, an unstoppable team that is ready to satisfy all your plumbing needs.

Meet The Team

George Williams

Owner & Operator

George has over 40 years of experience as a plumber and founded American River Plumbing in 1995.


John Williams

Assistant Plumber

Under the tutelage of his father and while working as his assistant, John is rapidly becoming one of the most skilled plumbers in the Sacramento area.



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