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Residential and Commercial
Plumbing Service

At American River Plumbing located in Sacramento, CA, we pride ourselves on exceptional expertise and customer satisfaction. Our services include fixture repairs & replacement, hot water heating, plumbing repairs, remodeling, sewer & drain cleaning and much more.

Faucets, Sinks, and Toilet Repairs

Do you have a clogged toilet, sink, or drain? We provide faucet and toilet repairs and replacement services for our residential and commercial plumbing customers. We’ll assess the clog and diagnose the issue thoroughly.

Sewer and Draining Services

Clogged drains are an inevitable result as clogs form over time when debris silently accumulates in pipes and drain lines. We can handle even the toughest drain clogs efficiently and cost effectively!

Water Heater Repair/Installation

Your water heater is one of the most relied-on parts of your plumbing system. There are few things as uncomfortable as waking up to a cold shower! If you have water heater problems, we specialize in repair, service and installation of all makes and models.

Water and Gas Leak Detection

Water and gas line leaks can be a huge problem, along with increased utility bills, and the possibility of bad odors, leaks can be dangerous – especially gas line leaks. We can find the hidden leaks before it becomes a major plumbing problem.

Water Line Pipe Repair

Signs you may have a water line issue are increased water usage on your water bill, collections of water or large puddles in your yard, or soaked carpets and flooring. If you find that you do have a water line leak, call us for an immediate assessment to prevent further damage to your home and the surrounding property.

Sewer Line Repairs & Replacement

How do you know your having sewer problems? Do you have gurgling sound coming from your drains, pipes or toilets. Slow draining or standing water in your sink, tub or toilet also points to a clogged drain or sewer line problem. Call us and we can make recommendations on the best way to proceed with a repair.